College Algebra- Fall 2022 - MWF 11-11:50am - Room 230

Instructor: Ted Wetherbee

Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College
2101 14th Street
Cloquet, Minnesota 55720

Office: W217
Phone: 218-879-0840

Spring 2021 Class Schedule:
                    Calculus 1       (arranged)
  11-11:50am M W F  College Algebra  Room 230
   6- 8:45pm M      Statistics       Room 228

Office Hours in Room W217:
  Monday   Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
  10-11am           10-11am              10-11am

Text (online: Free)

College Algebra, by Jay Abramson (senior author)
Openstax:  college-algebra

From the textbook website you can view the textbook online using their viewer, you can download the entire book in PDF format, or you can download for Kindle. You can also download the entire textbook in PDF format from this local server directory:



You may have a calculator already, but make sure that it is a scientific calculator. If you need to buy one, I recommend a cheap calculator like a TI-30XS Multiview. This does what you need, and the bookstore sells them for under $20 . If you have a problem getting one, let me know. You need to have it available for all assignments. You do not need a more expensive graphing calculator, but, if you have one, it will be fine.

Exams and Grading

3 tests     3x100 = 300
1 final             150
25 homework 4x25 =  100
                    550 total

90-100%   A
80-90%    B
70-80%    C
60-70%    D
0-60%     F

Scores from tests are posted on D2L here:

The Course

This course addresses FDLTCC liberal education requirements (Competencies Across the Curriculum) in problem solving and technology. You should come to class everyday! This is the easy way to do well in any course, and it is especially true for math classes. There are exercises in the text for you to do, and these are usually answered at the end of each chapter. You will also get homework assignments on handouts, and you should complete then hand these in at the beginning of the next class. You homework grade is based on completing and turning in these homework handouts. You will also get sample exams which will be similar in length and content to the in-class exams. Let me know if there is are accommodations you need for the class.

Tentative Schedule

Mon aug22  1 1.1 real numbers
             1.2 exponents and scientific notation
Wed aug24  2 1.3 radicals and rational expressions
Fri aug26  3 1.4 polynomials

Mon aug29  4 1.5 factoring polynomials
Wed aug31  5 1.6 rational expressions
Fri sep02  6 2.1 Cartesian plane
Mon sep05  H Holiday             
Wed sep07  7 2.3 models and applications
Fri sep09  8 2.4 complex numbers

Mon sep12  9 2.5 quadratic equations
Wed sep14 10 2.7 linear and absolute value inequalities
Fri sep16 11 T1 review

Mon sep19 12 T1 review
Wed sep21 13 Test 1
Fri sep23 14 3.1 Functions
             3.2 domain and range
             3.4 composition

Mon sep26 15 3.5 tranformation
             3.7 function inverses
Wed sep28 16 4.1 Linear Functions

Fri sep30 17 4.2 modeling with linear functions

Mon oct03 18 4.3 fitting linear models to data
             Linear Regression Calculator
             T2 review
Wed oct05 19 Test 2
Fri oct07 20 5.1 quadratics
             5.2 polynomials
             5.3 graphs of polynomial functions

Mon oct10 21 Conic Sections: parabola and ellipse, graphing with
Wed oct12 22 5.4 dividing polynomials
Fri oct14 23 5.6 rational functions

Mon oct17 24 6.1 exponential functions
             6.2 graphs of exponential functions
Wed oct19 25 6.3 logarithmic functions
             6.4 graphs of log functions
Fri oct21 NC No Classes

Mon oct24 26 calculation with logarithms, and uses of
Wed oct26 27 6.5 properties of logs
Fri oct28 28 6.6 exponential and log equations
             6.7 exponential and log models and applications

Mon oct31 29 7.1 systems of linear equations in 2 variables
Wed nov02 30 7.2 systems of linear equations in 3 variables
             T3 review
Fri nov04 31 T3 

Mon nov07 32 7.5 matrices and operations
Wed nov09 33 7.7 matrix algebra and inverses, solving systems
Fri nov11  H Holiday
Mon nov14 34 7.8 determinants and Cramer's rule
Wed nov16 35 8.1 The Ellipse
Fri nov18 36 Conic Sections: circle, parabola, ellipse, hyperbola

Mon nov21 37 9.1 sequences and series
Wed nov23 NC No Classes
Fri nov25  H Holiday

Mon nov28 38 9.2 arithmetic sequences
Wed nov30 39 9.3 geometric sequences and series
             Installment Loans 
Fri dec02 40 9.5 counting

Mon dec05 41 9.6 binomial theorem
Wed dec07 42 9.6 binomial probabilities
Fri dec09 43 43 Applications of the binomial theorem

Mon dec12 44 Final Exam Review
Tue dec13 T1 
Wed dec14 T2
Thu dec15 T3
Fri dec16 T4 Final Exam  11am-12:50pm  Room 230                   

Plagiarism, or presenting the writing of another as your own (a.k.a. “copying”), results in an F for this course and is subject to any other disciplinary actions mandated by this institution and the Minnesota State system.

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